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Evano Gathering
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What does it take to run an Evano City Circle?

A successful host is characterized by curiosity, good communication and an open mind. You should have the desire to take responsibility and be there for your City Circle participants. You don't need any previous experience, as our resources will teach you everything you need for an inspiring evening.

What are the benefits of becoming an Evano City Ambassador?

Besides having a lot of fun, you will improve your leadership skills, learn more about event management, expand your network through inspiring new people, make new friends and gain access to an exclusive circle of City Ambassadors around the world.

Once you have successfully completed 5 Evano City Circle events, you can apply for our partner program where you will be allowed to host larger and paid events with us. The revenue is shared with the hosts at this events (80% host - 20% Evano)

Who can host an Evano City Circle?

Anyone who is at least 21 years old can apply. You should have an interest in mindfulness, be open minded and enjoy bringing inspiring people together. Since you'll be hosting the event, you shouldn't be afraid to take the lead.

Can I host an Evano City Circle together with a friend?

Yes, this is not a problem at all and is fully supported by us. However, please note that one of you is the official contact person. This person should also fill out the application form. But the following interview with us via Zoom and all steps beyond can be done together.

How do participants become aware of my City Circle?

Once you have publicly registered your City Circle for your city, Evano members from your area will be notified and they can sign up through the website.

Additionally, you invite friends and inspiring people that you think would be a great fit for the Evano Spirit. Note, the maximum number for an Evano City Circle event is 12 people including you! However, when creating the event, you can also choose to make your event non-public. Then no other Evano members can register, but you take over the invitations yourself.

Who can participate in an Evano City Circle?

Anyone who is open-minded and enjoys exchanging ideas with like-minded people on an authentic level is more than welcome. Our core values are trust, friendship and honesty. Together we create a non-judgmental atmosphere where everyone can develop into the best version of themselves.

Who is not allowed to attend an Evano City Circle?

We do not tolerate any networker or ego-maniac who wants to use this intimate circle for his personal advantage or to acquire customers. For example, if someone always introduces himself with his business card, this is an alarm signal. Evano is not about what someone possesses, but how someone is. This only works as a community and not through individuals seeking a stage. Your task as a host is to trust your intuition and your good knowledge of human nature to reject these people in a friendly way.

Where and when do Evano City Circles take place?

Evano City Circles always start at 7 pm local time. From our own experience we know that a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday is best for the event. However, you are free to choose the day and date. The best place is a quiet cafe or lounge, where participants can order their own drinks and snacks.

During the summer time you can also organize a picnic in the park or on the beach, where everyone brings their own drinks and snacks. It is your task as a City Ambassador to find a suitable place. In our resources section we have prepared a checklist for you.